Introductory Meditation Mini-Retreat

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Join us for a Saturday afternoon retreat at the Zen Center of Syracuse.

This retreat will be led by long-time Zen practitioner and psychotherapist Nikyu Robert Strickland, authorized as a Dharma Teacher by Zen Center Abbot Shinge Sherry Chayat Roshi.

Meet in the Carriage House Zendo at 2:00 for instruction in posture and meditation techniques, yoga stretches, and zazen periods alternating with walking meditation. A discussion period will take place in the Forman House from 4:15-5, followed by a potluck supper. Appropriate for beginners, and bring a friend if you’d like. Practitioners at all levels are welcome.

This retreat is designed to help you establish a regular meditation practice, which

  • fosters wellness and reduces stress
  • helps develop inner tranquility and appropriate action
  • leads to creative responses to life’s challenges
  • helps transcend limited, dualistic thinking
  • supports awareness and inner change
  • nurtures courage in the face of fear
  • fosters inner stability, self-confidence, and dignity.

Cost: $30

Please bring a vegetarian dish to share for the potluck dinner.

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Sat, Sep 17, 2016 - 2:00pm - 6:00pm
Zen Center of Syracuse, Carriage House Zendo
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