Soh Daiko Workshop Recap

As a part of the Zen Center's celebration of the Forman House's bicentennial, the renowned taiko drum troupe Soh Daiko journeyed here to Syracuse to offer a workshop and performance on the 16th and 17th of October, respectively.

In the course of the workshop, the Soh Daiko troupe walked participants through a number of exercises in proper technique including stance, how to hold one's bachi (drumsticks) and, of course, rhythm.

In Taiko drumming, musical patterns are transmitted orally, through a set of spoken syllables known as Kuchi showa that when spoken in rhythm represent the pattern and sound of the piece.  Soh Daiko shared the first two lines of a festival drumming piece known as Matsuri daiko with workshop participants, encouraging us to try our hand on the huge drums before allowing everyone an opportunity to perform solo!

One of our members created a slideshow of the workshop and has posted it on her website.