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Dear Sangha Members and Friends in the Dharma,

At this time of giving thanks, we humbly request your support, so that we may continue our work on behalf of all beings.

There are times when we are piercingly made aware of how our practice informs our experience, and how our experience deepens our practice. A number of Sangha members and friends have been challenged by recurrences of cancer and other illnesses, loss of loved ones, children’s accidents and health concerns, struggles with addiction, financial insecurity, and many other issues.

What we discover is an inner resilience, a core strength that seems to appear unbidden. The Four Noble Truths are up close and personal. Our understanding allows us to respond directly when action is called for, and to endure patiently when forbearance is required.

This circle of the Way—practice informing experience, experience deepening practice—is manifesting continuously. When we give ourselves wholeheartedly to this, it results in the greatest of unseen gifts: attending with compassion and insight to those around us, and caring for each other with love.

Thus we offer prisoners at Auburn Correctional Facility a way to cultivate inner freedom; we listen from the heart to ill and dying patients and to grieving families at Upstate Hospital; we teach the healing power of meditation to veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress. In settings ranging from schools, colleges and universities to social service agencies, interfaith gatherings, and our own homes, we feel the profound gratitude that wells up when we serve humbly and inconspicuously as vessels of Dharma in our Central New York community.

In partnership with Syracuse University, Manlius Medicine Buddha Prayer Sangha, and InterFaith Works of Central New York, we invited the Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi, founder of Buddhist Global Relief, to give the Syracuse Symposium keynote lecture, “Engaged Buddhism: Listening and Responding to World Hunger.” We have worked with these and other groups to address hunger in our own back yard, and are taking part in the National Homelessness and Hunger Awareness Week this month, and the SNAP Challenge (living on the recently reduced Food Stamps budget) through InterFaith Works’ Hunger Project.

Not despite, but because of the challenges that confront us, personally as well as on the local, national, and international levels, our determination grows; our gratitude knows no bounds.

With palms together, and heart-felt thanks for your continued support,

Shinge Roshi

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