Community Meditation Programs

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Worksite Wellness: Good for You and for Your Business

Many businesses, schools, non-profit organizations, and health care providers have experienced benefits from developing on-site wellness programs.

Instructors from our Zen Wellness Programs bring the basics of meditation & mindful wellness on-site to organizations, throughout Syracuse.

Corporations and small businesses include our classes as part of their employee wellness programs. Some organizations offer our meditation and wellness courses weekly, while others opt for monthly or quarterly programs.

Educational Institutions, Non-Profits, and Health Care Providers

Area schools and universities are offering meditation and wellness classes to their staff as well as their students. Students, faculty and staff enjoy experiencing the benefits of meditation for wellness and learning more ways that it can be easily incorporated into the classroom.

Local non-profit organizationsare vital to the health of our community, and many are providing wellness education to their employees and to the people they serve. We have taught meditation & wellness courses at several non-profit organizations. These classes have been offered for many people, including: staff, children and youth programs, individuals with developmental disabilities, underserved and underprivileged youth and families, incarcerated peoples and their families, and many others.

Increasingly, Health care providers are including meditation and mindful wellness education classes for their staff and for the patients they serve. Many people have found that meditation benefits health as they incorporate it in their personal wellness program. Meditation can be a great component to integrative wellness for those who feel relatively healthy and want to maintain health, and also for people suffering with chronic illness and chronic pain, depression, anxiety or stress-related medical concerns such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

How can I learn more?

To find out more about our on-site meditation and mindful wellness courses, please call 315-492-9773 or email:

Learn more about what we offer and set up an introductory meeting to design what will work for you. Class fees are on a sliding scale basis. Corporations and individuals can also sponsor a class series for local agencies, health care facilities, or educational institutions and share wellness with the community!